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April 24, 2017
STEM Education

Students in the Danville and Chatham Boys & Girls clubs as well as three church-based tutorial programs (Camp Grove Baptist, Bennett Memorial Baptist and Cardinal Village Education Center) are benefitting from a grant through the Science Museum of Virginia. The grant has allowed for the hiring of Ben Wright, the outreach STEM educator, who provides out of school programming.

According to Wright, the students who attend the program are learning about the human body, starting with the organ system. In addition to learning vocabulary and definitions Wright explained there is a hands-on component that allows the students to take what they are learning and apply it. For example, one week they play a board game like Operation and then they have the opportunity to create their own board game.

"I want the students to be excited about what they're doing," Wright said. "If students are asking questions, moving beyond what I've told them and seeking different answers I know I'm moving in the right direction."

The one hour program started in February and will run for nine weeks at a time.

If you are interested in learning more about Out of School STEM programming options through the Danville Science Center Wright can be reached at or by phone at 791-5160 ext. 202.