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March 8, 2018

March 8, 2018


Contact: Ann Vandervliet Stratton, Executive Director, (434) 429-9265

Kindergarten registration begins March 9

DANVILLE and PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY – Kindergarten registration for Danville City Schools and Pittsylvania County Schools begins Friday, March 9.

"The first day of school is a very special day for children.  A big part of success in school is to enjoy learning and to not be afraid of teachers, the school environment, other children, or of making mistakes," said Ann Vandervliet Stratton, executive director at Smart Beginnings Danville Pittsylvania.

Here is what parents and caregivers need to know:

  • Children who are five years old by September 30 must start kindergarten this fall.
  • Elementary schools are special places and the teachers are excited to welcome you.
  • If you don’t register on March 9, it’s not too late.  Call the school your child will attend and make an appointment to register.

Parents may need to bring the following items (contact your child’s school for details):

  • A valid parent or guardian photo ID.
  • The child's birth certificate.  (If you cannot find your child's birth certificate, you can get another one at the VA Department of Motor Vehicles Danville Customer Service Center located at 126 Sandy Court, Suite C, Danville, VA 24541.  Cost is $14.  Same day service is available, whereas it can take up to 2 weeks to receive if ordered by mail. For more information call (804) 662-6200 or visit 
  • Social Security card
  • Three proof of residency documents, such as a signed lease agreement, a current mortgage statement, a current utility bill, or a current property tax bill.
  • Virginia physical with required immunizations (shots must be up to date). Make an appointment with your doctor or call the Health Department in Danville at 766-9828 or in Chatham at 432-7232.
  • If you are not sure which school your child will attend, call Pittsylvania County Schools at 432-2761 or Danville City Schools at 799-6400.

"When parents register their children for school now, rather than in the summer, it’s beneficial for everyone involved.  It helps the child feel more at ease about the transition and, hopefully, excited about going to school.  It gives parents time to gather the necessary paperwork.  It provides the school a chance to get to know you so they can be prepared to meet the individual needs of your child," said Stratton. 

Tips for parents to help your child be school-ready:

  • Read and look at books together every day.
  • Stick to a regular bedtime and wakeup time.
  • Practice counting real objects, like crayons or cereal.
  • Meet and play with other children.
  • Visit and explore libraries, parks, and museums.
  • Practice tying shoes and putting on a coat.
  • Find and name letters of the alphabet wherever you go.
  • Schedule a visit and tour your child's school.
  • Go to your doctor for a routine wellness check.
  • If you suspect that your child is somehow "different" than other children in the way he or she speaks or acts, tell your doctor about it right away. Many developmental delays, if treated early, can be corrected.
  • Even if you experienced difficulty in school, try to talk about school in a positive way (as an opportunity to make new friends, have fun and learn about the world).

The mission of Smart Beginnings is to ensure that all children are ready for success in school and in life.  Smart Beginnings Danville Pittsylvania is one of thirteen school readiness coalitions in Virginia. For more information about Smart Beginnings, call 797-8887 or email