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School Readiness

Family Playing in Park What is Virginia's Getting Ready Model?

Ready Families. Able to support and provide for healthy children:

  • Steady and loving relationships with primary caregivers
  • Safe and predictable environment
  • Promotion of good health
  • Knowledge of developmental stages and appropriate expectations

Ready Communities. Able to support families as child's first teacher:

  • Early identification and treatment of developmental problems
  • High quality care and education programs
  • Resources for families
  • Home visitor programs

Ready Services. Able to provide high quality care to all young children:

  • Medical homes
  • Access to quality health care, services, behavioral health care and dental care
  • Accessible supportive early education programs  

Ready schools. Able to accept "ready" children and provide seamless transition:

  • Developmentally appropriate practices
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Support for transitioning from early care and education to kindergarten

Ready children. Age appropriate in all six developmental domains

  • Physical developmental and health
  • Social and emotional development
  • Approaches to learning
  • Language and literacy development
  • Cognition and general knowledge
  • Fine arts