Free Car and Safety Seat Program Re-Established!

baby in carseat

The Danville Life Saving Crew has recently partnered with the Virginia Department of Health and Community Healthcare Workers to not only implement the program, but also to complete proper car and safety seat installation training in hopes of preventing our community’s youngest citizens from injury or death in the event of a motor vehicle accident. This resource has been underutilized in our area for a long period of time. Through the work of the Community Liaison, Heather Spencer, and Johnny Mills with the Danville Life Saving Crew, the program now has a permanent home in Danville. With the help of this program and its trained workers, parents will be more aware and better empowered when it comes to their children’s safety while on the road. They will not only be taught proper safety seat installation, but important skills that will grow with the child, such as how to make adjustments to fit and position.

Excerpt from the November 2018 issue of Smart Beginnings DP Newsletter

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Kindergarten registration begins March 9

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Kindergarten registration for Danville City Schools and Pittsylvania County Schools begins Friday, March 9.

"The first day of school is a very special day for children.  A big part of success in school is to enjoy learning and to not be afraid of teachers, the school environment, other children, or of making mistakes," said Ann Vandervliet Stratton, executive director at Smart Beginnings Danville Pittsylvania.

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Support Smart Beginnings and the Imagination Library by making a tax-deductible contribution in honor of or in memorial of a friend, colleague or loved one. Simply complete the memorial-honorarium form and return by mail.  Your support ensures that individuals working with young children have the support and training the need to meet the needs of young children.  It also ensures that we can provide vulnerable children with age appropriate, high quality books each month by mail. 


Saturday, July 1, 2017

This past year, 11 childcare centers and family day homes completed the VA Infant and Toddler Specialist Network training.


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The Science of Early Childhood Development

The Science of Early Childhood Development


Virginia's Getting Ready Model

Virginia's Getting Ready Model

Ready Families. Able to support and provide for healthy children.

Ready Communities. Able to support families as child's first teacher.

Ready Services. Able to provide high quality care to all young children.

Ready Schools. Able to accept "ready" children and provide seamless transitions.

Ready Children. Age appropriate in all six developmental domains: physical developmental and health; social and emotional development; approaches to learning; language and literacy development; cognition and general knowledge and fine arts.